Monday, April 8, 2013

NASA Planning on Netting and Towing Back an Asteroid...

NASA is planning a rodeo mission set for 2019 where they will lasso an asteroid and tow it back to Earth's orbit for further study... sounds like a pretty solid plan, huh? 
It's really is a clever concept. Go find your ideal candidate for an asteroid. Go get it robotically and bring it back," said Florida senator Bill Nelson as he unveiled the plans at a press conference. ...President Barak Obama would put $100-million aside for the mission in next week's budget for 2014. The cash will be used to find a suitable small asteroid - currently expected to be around 25-feet and weight 500-tons. as it stands, the mission would use a robotically controlled spacecraft to approach the asteroid, attach a large version of a "baggie with a draw string", and then drag the captured rock back to poor Earth. 
If your worried that the mission may go sour with the spacecraft towing the rock into Earth's orbit and causing a devastating meteor shower... don't worry. Scientists all agree that a 25-foot diameter rock would simply burn up 100% in our atmosphere. 

What are your thoughts...? Do you think this mission is a waste of US cash or are you excited in learning more about what we may discover...?? 

via guardian

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