Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Morph Folding Wheel Makes Wheelchairs 'Ultra' Portable (video)

Collapsable wheelchairs are a dime a dozen and aren't anything new... but along with the tiny footprint one thing remains constant, the wheels. No matter how small you collapse the frame, the wheels remain the same size... The Morph Folding Wheel by Vitamins Design may have the solution... 
-check out photos and a video showing the evolution of the design below: 

Morph is the world's first folding wheelchair wheel. When in the open position, the wheel takes up 22 liters of space. But when folded, it only occupies 12 liters of space. The folded wheel is small enough to fit into an easily carry-able bag, and at 7.5 pounds each they are light enough to be carried by most people. 

via dornob

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