Thursday, April 18, 2013

FINALLY... An iPad TV Lunch Tray

It's about time good 'ol fashion TV dinners finally caught up with the fast pace of technology and tablet surfing. Brought to you by Kikkerland, this lap/eating accessory will give you another reason not to get up off the couch... 
The iPad Bed is just $13 (at this link) and sits firmly on your lap thanks to a cushioned base. The slot at the back holds the iPad in horizontal or vertical orientations, and the flat surface is the perfect pace to stow hot liquids while you... Wait a second. 

Don't know about you, but the portability and very nature of using a tablet would get pretty cumbersome 'firmly attached' to a cushion resting on my lap... escpecially when there is 'hot' coffee on it as well...! 

What are your thoughts...?? Would you get one...??

via cultofmac

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