Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UPDATED: Astronaut Recruitment for Mars Colony Set For July (videos)

Oh Man... living on the Red Planet is one step closer to reality for everyone of us. 
Recruitments of 24 astronauts for the Mars One colony will go underway this July. The non-profit organization says EVERYONE is eligible to apply (yes, that even includes you)...  

Applicant submission videos are now available to watch online at this link

If you think you have what it takes to be the best of the best... all you have to do is be 18-yrs of age and enter a 1-minute video submission along with a $25 entry fee (fee is put toward funding the project). The project already has 45,000 people on its mailing list and over 10,000 expressing interest in participating in the mission. 

Please Note: with all great opportunities, there is a slight catch.... the Mars One mission is a One-Way trip with no set plans of a return. So, if your one of the lucky 24 selected... you better kiss this green and blue rock goodbye and start making yourself comfy on your new red one :) 
Mars One hopes to raise millions of dollars from the application process alone, and they expect that a million applications will be sent in, and some of the video applications may end up going viral, which hint that Mars One may not exactly keep these video applications confidential. By July 2015, Mars One wants to have 24 astronauts recruited, where they will then face seven years of training that will include spending three months at a time in a replica of the Mars colony.
Applicant submission videos are now available to watch online at this link.

Learn how to enter your video submission at this link (good-luck!)

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