Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why Not..?? A Hovering Computer Mouse (5pics)

Because a regular computer mouse is so last century... 
The creators of the levitating mouse, KIBARDINDESIGN say 'The Bat' is currently in the testing and research phase of development... 
Learn more about it below: 

The Bat is said to levitate 40-millimeters on its own or 10-millimeters under the weight of a 1000g (2.2-pound) hand... 
The whole setup comprises a base/bat-pad and a floating left-/right-click mouse conjoined with a magnetic ring. Also there's a scroll wheel. [The Bat] is designed to relieve pressure on the median nerve of the wrist, which the studio claims will prevent and treat the numbness, tingling, and muscle damage of the hand that's characteristic of repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.
Although interesting, the whole setup looks like a modded Microsoft Arc Mouse (see pic below)... If this truly is a real up coming product, price and release date is still unknown.

Do you see the similarities...?? 
Microsoft Arc Mouse

via io9

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