Friday, March 8, 2013

Space Saving Furniture That Transforms...!! (video)

Yesterday we showed you some pretty cool dresses that transform and now we have these wonderful space-saving furniture designs by Resource Furniture that transform to fit your ever changing living needs...
The video below is highly recommended and a MUST-WATCH...
Since 2000, Resource Furniture has imported and distributed inspired, modern furniture from the finest and most innovative European designers. Every piece in the Resource Furniture collection is hand-selected for its ability to transform a space with both beauty and functionality. Resource Furniture continues to redefine the way consumers and designers think about space.


Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

I'm keen to try painting furniture but hubster is nervous. furniture stores in tupelo ms Guess I'll find some old thing and try it out on that to prove him wrong!

Carol said...

Really the video is very nice that has explained on how to save the space by using compact type of furniture. I too had recently bought such furniture.
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