Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UPDATED: Creative Fan-Made Apple iWatch Concepts (30+pics)

Unless you've been hiding under rock for the past year... I'm sure you've heard the rumors of Apple gearing up to release un upcoming wrist device called [as of now] the iWatch
-Check out these 30+ fan-made design concepts below: 
The whole idea of the iWatch rumors and Apple moving into the 'wearable' tech market was seeded in 2010 when Steve Jobs introduced the 6th Generation iPod Nano and remarked that it would make a 'Great Watch'. The rumors started to emerge again in 2011 when it was leaked that Apple purchased about 300 glass-cutting machines in preparation for creating 'curved glass' devices... And with the wearable device market looking really healthy right now with the success of the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit One, Jawbone UP and many more... the time couldn't be any better for Apple to comfortably move in with their own device. 

Don't get too excited over the designs below... as mentioned before they are Fan-Made. Some of the designs even follow the most current rumors such as the 'curved' glass multi-touch display. 


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