Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bill Gates is Awarding $100,000 For A New Condom Design

Guess what gang...?? 
Former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates is awarding $100,000 to anyone that can design a new innovative Condom... 
The Gates Foundation is keeping this opportunity open to 'anyone' with a clever innovative idea... which includes students, scientists, entrepreneurs or even someone frantically scribbling genius on a bar napkin (yes, you).... 
Additional concepts that might increase [condom usage] uptake include attributes that increase ease-of-use for male and female condoms, for example better packaging or designs that are easier to properly apply. In addition, attributes that address and overcome cultural barriers are also desired.
Well, do you have an idea to bring to the table...?? If so, we would love to hear it at the comments below...!!  

via gizmodo

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