Wednesday, February 27, 2013

VOTD: Design for Growth... (video)

If you are a designer, business owner or just someone who appreciates a great looking product from the inside-out... this video is a must watch. 
Created by the DesigncouncilUK, the video communicates how important design is on developing a company's brand... not just on the product's appearance, but also down to the company's core. Brilliant UK designer's of our time speak in this short 6-min video, such as Apple's Jony Ive, Dyson's James Dyson and many more...

-check it out below: 

Most people understand that design plays a big part in our everyday life. It shapes the world we live. It leads to the products we use and helps create the services we use every day. 
But not everyone understands the vital role design plays in economic growth - and what it can do for businesses, public services, for our manufacturing base and our built environment.

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