Sunday, February 10, 2013

The BMW 328 Hommage (17pics & video)

This has got to be the most beautiful thing on four-wheels that I've seen in a looooong time. 
Introducing the BMW 328 Hommage designed by Adrian van Hooydonk and his BMW team. The 328 Hommage marks the 75th year anniversary since the launch of the 1930s icon. 
-Check out 17 more pics below: 
Von Hooydonk also shared with us that the 328 Hommage with an inline six, like in the oldster, comes in at just under 2,900 pounds. The original weighed 1,000 pounds less in the mid-1930s, but had roughly zero safety equipment and had an all-aluminum body that could crumple like a can of Sprite on contact. The 328 Hommage profits from the deep work BMW is now doing for its Project i cars in the field of carbon fiber reinforced plastic research. Even the wild alloy wheels incorporate CFRP detailing. 

Van Hooydonk admits that the 328 Hommage isn't proportionally much like the 328 of old, but, he says, "Any sports car today needs to be wider and lower anyway." We, however, harken back to the 2006 Mille Miglia coupe concept, which simply blew one and all away. That car also went directly from its public unveiling into the BMW museum in Munich, never to be seriously driven.

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