Thursday, June 4, 2015

19 Movie Plot-Holes You Can NEVER Un-Know... HA!

Whether you are familiar with these movie plot-holes or not... one thing we can all agree, when you do finally notice them, it is impossible to watch these movies again without un-knowing them ever again... your welcome. 

Check out 18 examples below: 

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Do you know of anymore...??
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Karate Kid:  
The main rule of the tournament is 'No kicks to the face' which could lead to a disqualification... yet Daniel-san wins with an epic kick to... THE FACE. 

Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade: 
One little YET major detail that I always questioned during the movie's epic ending entailing elaborate booby-traps... was the second test, 'The Name of God'. This is where Indy has to carefully step across a floor of lettered tiles. He not only has to step on the tiles, but he has to spell out the name JEHOVAH... any mis-step will cause the incorrect tile to break away and Indy falling to his unfortunate death. 
NOW... let's remember what took place in the movie... 
Indiana, unfortunately makes a mistake on his first step and steps on an incorrect lettered tile. When falling, he catches himself on an adjacent lettered tile and pulls himself back to his feet. THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE... since the lettered tiles surrounding this one are also incorrect and in-turn would have broken away as well. 

Back to the Future II: 
Old 'future' Biff gets the sports almanac in 2015, steals the DeLorean and travels back to 1955. After giving the 'young' Biff the almanac and changing the past, he gets back into the time machine and travels back to 2015. This is where Doc and Marty unknowingly get in and travel back to an altered 1985... 
The true fact is that if Biff changed the past in 1955, the future he would travel to would be the same one from the now altered timeline... He would NOT RETURN TO THE SAME FUTURE, but a totally 'effed-up one created by the now sport-savvy Biff....

Back to the Future III:
Here is another major plot hole from the BTTF franchise... this isn't surprising, considering it is difficult to make a movie about time travel without a few plot holes. 
Here it goes.... In the beginning of the film Marty accidentally rips a fuel line escaping from the natives. And in result, the entire plot of third film was to get the DeLorean up to 88mph without the use of gasoline (gas does not exist yet). What the story never explains is that there already is gasoline in the OTHER DeLorean that the good 'ol Doc Brown buried in the old coal mine....!!  
FACT: Any car owner or mechanic would agree that when storing a vehicle for an extended period of time it is wise to drain all fuel from the system. Because Doc Brown is a wise scientist we would assume he would do this. BUT because he is a 'wise scientist' we would also have to assume that he wouldn't just throw away such a valuable resource, but instead store it within his laboratory... what are your thoughts???

Toy Story:
Buzz Lightyear spends the majority of the first movie believing he is a real Space Ranger and NOT a toy, but whenever people are around he (by choice) freezes like.... A TOY. 

The Titanic:
After the whole Titanic tragedy, Rose goes on with her life, starts a family with a husband she lived with for 60+ years... yet on her death bed, she holds onto the memory of this boy she knew for 5 days and hooked up with on probably the... WORSE POSSIBLE NIGHT OF HER LIFE.  (in all fairness, this isn't really a plot-hole.... just an observation. I feel sorry for her deceased husband..!!) 

It's all in the details, right?
Isn't it weird that when the transformers are in robot-mode they are all scratched up and dirty, but immediately after they change into their vehicle-mode their finish is flawless, waxed, shiny and perfect... weird, right??!!

Jurassic Park:
One of the major and memorable scenes of the movie is when the T-Rex attacks the trucks. Except the T-Rex is level with the fence upon breaking through, but when it pushes the truck through the same part of the fence.... the truck falls a hundred feet.

Lord of the Rings / Hobbit: 
If this plot-hole never crossed your mind, then I urge you to watch the last 30-minutes of 'Return of the King' and 'Unexpected Journey'. After you do so, you'll see that the whole journey could have been a whole lot quicker, more efficient and less deadly if Gandalf manned-up and called his eagle friends for a ride from the beginning... 

The Matrix:
If the sole purpose of the machines is using humans as a source of power... why don't they use animals, like cows...?? That way they don't have to create a complex dream world-reality and risk the chance of an uprising because they are... FREAKING COWS...!!
In addition, The machines created a dream-reality mimicking the year 1999 so people's minds wouldn't reject the system. Why didn't they create the alternate dream-reality back in a time where computers didn't exist and people weren't computer-savy, like the 1800s...?? This would limit the chances of the people questioning what the MATRIX is, denying the ability of hacking into the system and taking Neo (the one) totally out of the equation...!! 

.....It's after midnight All-The-TIME.

Total Recall (2012):
Because the air is radioactive, toxic and inhabitable; workers of the 'Colony' must commute from Europe to Australia via an underground shuttle that travels through the planet's core.  ...WHY??!!
Later we learn that flying shuttles and planes work just fine in the toxic zones, so instead of engineering a seemingly impossible and dangerous way of transport, WHY NOT SIMPLY FLY FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER...??
Also, we find out that buildings located within the inhabitable zones can easily be sealed off and vented-free from the toxic air and people can safely walk around outside wearing just a gas mask... If this is the case, why are toxic zones prohibited real estate and not taken full advantage of...??

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark: 
Although Indy is the hero of the movie... his role in recovering the Ark and destroying the Nazis was totally unnecessary. If you take Indy out of the equation.... the Nazis still would have gone to Nepal, they still would have taken the amulet to the map room, they still would have found the arc and they still would have all KILLED THEMSELVES AT THE END...!!  

TRON  Legacy: 
When Quorra saved Flynn from the Light Cycle battle and escaped off the grid to the secret hideout, she explains that Clu and his henchman cannot follow them because their vehicles are not adapt to the rough terrain... But later we find out that they all carry sticks that easily transform into the... FLYING LIGHT-SHIPS. 
Also the 'secret hideout' isn't very secret after all since the whole thing lights up like a Christmas Tree in the middle of a desolate and dark hillside... 
Afterall, Clu and his team effortlessly finds it later in the movie. Oh, and they got there by using their FLYING LIGHT-SHIPS...!!!

Dark Knight Rises:
Bruce Wayne was trapped in an underground prison which appeared to be somewhere in the Middle East... but within 6-hours after escaping he managed to make it back to Gotham (in the USA), snuck into a city lock-down (only accessible via 4 destroyed bridges) totally unnoticed not only by the bad-guys but also the heavy military presence... all WITHOUT THIS BAT-GEAR, CONTACT WITH LUCIUS, AND HIS FAMILY MONEY & CONNECTIONS... also with a partially broken (healing) back.
Bruce Wayne also had time to shave and created a large flammable Bat-Signal on the bridge all without being noticed... :)

Why is everyone so dirty despite the fact the whole world is COVERED WITH WATER...??? 

In the future, humans have developed the technology for a person to mentally control another organism. Yet the military, choses to use and pilot cumbersome mechanical machines and airships to fight their wars... 

Planet of the Apes (2001):
The 2001 remake of the classic movie quickly explains that the planet is not Earth (like the original), but alien... And that all the apes and humans in the film are descendants from the occupants of the space station that we've seen at the beginning of the film. That is all fine and dandy, but that does not explain where ALL OF THE HORSES CAME FROM...!! 
Was there another space station occupied by horses? ...I don't think so.

Harry Potter: 
...enough said.

Do you know of anymore...??
Let us know in the comments below..!!


ElMondoHummus said...

You're right about the Matrix's plothole, but just as an interesting explanation: The story originally had the machines using human brainpower and brains itself as the underlying hardware for both the Matrix as well as the neural network comprising the machine's hive intelligence. So it originated without the whole "battery" thing. But that got changed apparently. And Matrix fans have been claiming that the studio is to blame for that.

Ashley W. said...

The Harry Potter one only can go with everything that came before book 3 but, they destroyed the necklace soon after saving sirius and buckbeak so it's not possible for them to use it in books 4-7.

chet rosales said...

Wow, I did not know that detail. Thanks for sharing!

chet rosales said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Nice. I guess I have to read the books. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

it is said in avatar that making a body to fit a specific person is really expensive.
And exept for Jake (who is for some reason an exeption) everyone who controls an avatar body needs years of training

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