Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Sliding House by: Russell and Sally Ross (10pics&video)

When it comes to unique and creative residential architecture design, nothing can beat a home that has a shell that 'literally' slides open and close. 

Check out 12 photos as well as a video of it in action below: 
Designed by married couple, Russell and Sally Ross, the Sliding House in rural Suffolk (UK) looks like a simple contemporary home at first glance. The wooden warehouse-like enclosure lives up to the name when it dramatically 'slides' open revealing a home within...!! 
Russell Ross and his wife Sally live in rural Suffolk (UK) at home, at first glance, resembles a huge warehouse. Part of the house “internal” which is made of glass and summer provides an excellent platform for review under high stretching British air fields and pastures. In the winter damp the same time, when they want warmth and comfort, the facade above is a good protection against wind and weather. -source

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