Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Roost Treehouse by Antony Gibbon (6pics)

These tree house designs by Antony Gibbons gives an Elvish twist that even an Ewok would appreciate... Check out more renderings below: 

As of now the Roost Treehouse is just a design concept and unfortunately there are no design renderings available of what the interior has to offer... 
The Roost Treehouse is made up of a series of pod-like capsules, which are harnessed to each tree in a way that neither harms the tree or prevents it from growing. These capsules enclose a central staircase that leads to the top of the capsule where an outdoor platform expands high in the tree's canopy. Each capsule's outdoor platform connects to create an overall platform structure, which also gives added strength and stability to the design.
Though only one of the capsules of the treehouse runs to the ground, all capsules have staircases that lead to small living areas. The treehouse provides interior spaces for sleeping and each can hold about two people. Though these designs have not been built yet, all materials involved in the construction of the Roost Treehouse will be sustainably sourced and will do no harm to the environment. 

via inhabitat


Tasha Gunther said...

Whoa, it's a pretty cool tree house. However, I'm not sure if I'll let my kids go up there. I mean I don't know about its ladder's safety and foundation.

Anonymous said...

Its very safe, I designed it to be very secure in every way... your kids would love it!

Locations For Filming Los Angeles said...

Looking on it gives me a feeling that I'm on the other world.

Irene @ Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide said...

Kind of reminds of the scenery in W.O.W. and star wars

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