Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Perfect Seaside Home: Casa W. (8pics)

Located in Huentelauquén, Chili... Casa W designed by 01ARQ is a seaside home that not only takes advantage of its beautiful surrounds, but also offers perfect protection from the elements as well... 

In order to maximize the expansive, unbroken views, floor-to-ceiling double-glazed windows line the entirety of the sea-facing side of the house. As an added bonus, the framed panes are set on tracks that allow them to slide open and let the breeze blow through--not a bad feature for a warm night, drinking a beer as night falls. The interior is characterized by clean-but-comfortable whites and dark-wood paneling, with a standalone fireplace separating the living and dining areas. Minimal landscaping of a few cacti line the exterior of the property, so as not to compete with the rocky shores.
Perhaps the most unique feature of the site are the private courtyards formed by the custom shape of Casa W, which is essentially a block-letter U: a strip of living area, with two open-air adjuncts on either end. Situated behind the open-plan front room is a shielded square that functions as a small private beach--especially clever, as the sightline still manages to run straight through to the horizon. 

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