Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Blackberry Z10 is Looking HOT...!! (8pics)

The year of 2013 is starting off to a great start in the mobile industry... and revealing some pretty heated competition for Apple's mighty iPhone. 
Earlier this week HTC revealed a beautiful and intuitive mobile UI called the iida UI 2.0 and today we have renderings of an age-old smartphone pioneer, BlackBerry revealing their 'come-back' phone the BlackBerry Z10... and it looks AMAZING (look out Apple). 

-check out renderings of the Z10 next to the iPhone5 below:
These BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 comparative renders by our friend Martin Hajek are great. Not only because they show off just how beautiful a phone RIM has built, but because they demonstrate why we should still care about BlackBerry. With hardware as lovely as this, it may still have a chance at coming back with a vengeance. The comparative images were made by Martin using leaked physical data and pictures of the real thing. Both phones are 3D renderings so you can see how they look next to each other... 
RIM plans on officially revealing the BlackBerry Z10 January 30th... so stay tuned!!! 

 via gizmodo

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Walter Graff said...

Blackberry has a long way to go and it might be too late. I still can't believe they let their market share slip from untouchable to the current 6%. A series of really bad decisions by Blackberry. The largest marketshare is currently Samsung 29% which outsells the iphone 2 to 1 in Verizon stores alone, with the Samsung GIII leading the way. G IV about to be released and that should keep Samsung well ahead of the game. In fact many iphone users are switching to it. Apple holds about 22% of the worldwide market share of cellphones and looks like that is its peak as sales in late 2012 and 2013 are showing. Apple had the perception of being the phone to have based on Apples advertising but in reality it's not and all other phones combined outsell the iphone and one Samsung model alone outsells the iphone every day. Apple will probably further dilute the brand with two new iphones one a replacement for the 5 and the other a "lower" price version this year. One thing is true, without Steve Jobs, Apple isn't so sweet and their future better have some groundbreaking products or all that hard work will not be all that 'fruitful'.

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