Monday, January 7, 2013

Smart Utensils: The HAPIfork / spoon... (video)

'Who needs a Smartphone or SmartTV when you can get a Smartfork/spoon...!!'

Is watching your 'eating behavior' top on your New Years resolution list...?? If so, perhaps the latest in 'smart gadgets' will help you out. 
HAPILABS recently introduced their latest gadget at CES this year with the HAPIfork that keeps track of your eating behavior and measures your eating habits... 
The basic concept is an eating tool that measures three metrics -- how long you eat for, how long between each mouthful and how many of them you take. It uses the data to give you feedback on your eating habits which can be viewed online via a sports-tracking-style web interface. The fork has another trick up its sleeve too, which is that when it thinks you're eating too fast, it'll vibrate when you put it to your lips to let you know to slow down, cowboy. 

The serious aim here is to get folk to think about how they eat, and there's a 21-day training plan included to get you on the right path. If you want to smarten up your dinner set, it'll cost you $99 for the USB only version which launches in Q2 this year. The Bluetooth unit comes later in 2014. 

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