Thursday, January 10, 2013

The iPotty: Oh Look...! An iPad Mount for the Potty. (3pics&video)

Having my kids play games on my iPad is one thing... but having the iPad mounted mere inches from where they learn to pee and poop is where I draw the line. 
The creators of the iPotty think differently with their unique iPad mount recently introduced at this year's CES
The iPotty is a product that is meant to "make potty training fun and easy". It is a colorful kid's potty with a stand that sits in front of it where parents can place an iPad that their kids can use. This way, if your kid doesn't want to use the potty, they can just sit there and watch Spongebob until they're finally ready. The makers of iPotty also hope to create and release specific apps to be enjoyed while using the product. 

Don't know about you, but I get weird when there are too many smudges and fingerprints on the touchscreen... can't imagine wiping anything else from the display (if you know what I mean). Also learning how to potty should be just that 'LEARNING', not just another place for a kid to waste away in front of a video game. 

-What are your thoughts...?

via macgasm

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