Friday, January 11, 2013

'Observation Tower' Design Proposed for Phoenix, AZ (9pics)

Developers Bjarke Ingels Group and Novawest Ventures have recently unveiled plans to bring a unique 420-ft tall observation tower right in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. 
-check out the proposed design renderings below: 

The proposed design of the Phoenix Observation Tower (POT) is far from breaking ground (2014), but with the designs in place the group is looking for investors to back this $60-million project. 
BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) was eventually chosen for the unusual structural properties of its design, which has conjured comparisons to a honey dipper, a lollipop, a golf ball on a tee, and a pinpoint on Google Maps. Ingels’s office envisions a 70,000-square-foot spiral walkway that descends from a flat outdoor deck. Like their Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo, the structure leads visitors downward through a series of interstitial programs that flow one into the next: The observation deck seeps into the 100-seat bar area, which spirals into an exhibition space, retail space, and finally, a lounge and restaurant.

Public reactions run the gamut from snarky (who wants a better view of Phoenix?) to sensible (how the hell do you cool this thing in the summer?). But Thorne says such reactions are to be expected, adding that “we’ve had 50 years to get used to the Space Needle.” The real question is one of economics. Phoenix’s budget has shrunk dramatically since 2008, and a successful tourism destination like an observation tower could be a major financial salve.

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