Saturday, January 26, 2013

HTC Introduces Brand New Mobile UI (video demo)

Microsoft may have shaken things up in mobile UI news with their introduction of Windows 8 and their innovative Live Tiles, but HTC and Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa is set to release their all new Infobar that in comparison blows Windows 8 'Live Tiles' out of the waterThe new HTC phone runs an all new UI called 'iida UI 2.0' (Innovation, Imagination, Design & Art). 

-Check out  a video demo of the UI in action below: 
The iida UI comes with all sorts of fancy animations, eye candy, and intuitive touch based navigation. The beautiful new skin is running atop of Android 4.1 but you wouldn't know it by looking at the software. In fact, it looks like it could be more related to Windows Phone with a home screen that mimics Windows' "live tiles" layout. 
The Apple team better stay on their toes...
Now that Scott Forstall is gone and Jony Ive has taking over leading the Apple iOS team into the upcoming iOS7, I am very curious what they have cooking up in response to the heated competition with Windows 8 and this newly introduced iida UI 2.0...

via talkandroid  

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