Friday, January 4, 2013

History: Apple Designs of Hartmut Esslinger (14pics)

Whether your an Apple-fan or not, most will agree that the attention to detail and innovation with their hardware design is second to none. 
Before Jony Ive (current Senior VP, Industrial Design) came into the picture in the early 1990s bringing us the Apple products we know today... Hartmut Esslinger was a major contributor in developing the design aesthetic and conceptual product work with Mr. Steve Jobs and the Apple design team since the early 1980s. 

-Check out some of his early design work for Apple that never made it into production below: 
Apple used Esslinger's company Frogdesign extensively in the 1980s. When Steve Jobs saw the work that Frogdesign was doing for Sony he offered them a 2 million/year contract to open an office in Silicon Valley. Jobs wanted them to create a signature look for the new Macintosh line and together they built the Apple Iic which was introduced in 1984. 

In recent news, Esslinger has an upcoming book titled 'Design Forward: Creative Strategies for Sustainable Change'. Set to be released on January 16th, this book not only outlines his personal design strategy but also illustrates his design contributions to major international companies including Apple... 
This publication presents design for change - design as a strategic and holistic way of finding and creating sustainable solutions that are also successful in an economic sense. 
You can pre-order his book at this link

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