Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fans Recreate Toy Story in Live-Action Using Toys in Stop-Motion (full-movie video)

Hey Look.... a video made by someone with even more time to waste than you ;) 

Below is a fan-made video that recreates the 'entire' Toy Story (Pixar) movie using the art of stop-motion and puppetry. 
-check it out below: 

The Live Action Toy Story Project is the latest example of fans recreating their favorite movie property, but the unique nature of this one sets it apart slightly. For one, the fact that the main characters are all inanimate objects means that this remake can use the audio for the original film. That inks this recreation more closely to the original than most fan remakes. And the stop-motion and puppetry used to create most of the film is clearly the work of people new to the craft, but pretty charming because of the basic tricks used to make the scenes work. 

::  watch the full-length 1:20 film below  ::

via slashfilm

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