Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Casa Jardin' by Cinco Patas Al Gato (19pics)

Beneath the rocky exterior of Casa Jardin lies a beautiful interior where rustic textures mesh seamlessly with modern/contemporary details. 
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Located in San Salvador, El Salvador... Casa Jardin by Cinco Patas al Gato is a four-story residential home that is designed around a central garden 'where rooms have direct access via covered pathways.' 
Although overall modern in design, the use of stone, natural wood, and rocks gives it a bit of a rustic feel. A covered pathway that leads from the house to the garden is walled in glass on one side and with a partial stone wall on the other. The kitchen’s corner disappears with sliding glass doors making it truly feel like an outdoor space. The outdoor dining area is covered and feels like a real living space even though it’s outside. Three sides of the living and (real) dining room have sliding glass doors that open the room up and make you feel like you’re outdoors.

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