Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Job Lost to a Robot: Robotic Parking Valet (video demo)

CES 2013 is introducing us to a slew of exciting electronic accessories that we'll soon see on shelves later this year... 
And when it comes to automobile tech, Audi had that covered by unveiling a fully-working system (still in testing phase), called Audi Connect that is able to park and retrieve your car at a parking garage. 

-check out the video demo below: 
As of now, Audi mentioned there are modifications that need to be performed to the the whole design and that it could launch within the decade. Nevertheless, at CES in Las Vegas Audi presented a live demo of how Audi Connect works... 
To begin with, the autonomous vehicle tech relies on a spate of laser scanners scattered around the entrance to the building and positioned within the garage. All that hardware is linked to the car’s embedded Wi-Fi connection and a wireless network that must be built into the structure. That means that any old garage won’t do — there needs to be a big investment in infrastructure for this to work, and Audi reps told us they envision a sort of on-site central command station that keeps tabs on the self-parking vehicles entering and exiting the garage. Add in the fact that our demo was under extremely controlled circumstances, with no pedestrians, other vehicles or poor weather to contend with and the challenges facing this technology mount exponentially.

via wired

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