Monday, January 21, 2013

A4 estudio: entrecielos hamam and spa (16pics)

A4 Estudio created a relaxing spa environment primarily using the industrial material... concrete. The relaxation of the spa does not begin upon entering the front doors, but instead approaching the building itself from the parking lot... 

-Check out 16 pics of the spa below: 
Simple powerful geometries define the reinforced concrete envelope of the structure imprinted with the horizontal individual planks that made up the form work. A ring of circulation in dark contemplative spaces services all the program grouped into the center of the complex, illuminated by thin voids in the walls and ceiling subtly highlighting certain features as a 'point of intensity.' The interior is almost devoid of ornamentation, allowing the purity of the natural materials and the basic geometric shapes inform the character of the rooms.

via designboom

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