Monday, January 14, 2013

A Real Life 'Mario Kart' Game... (video)

You don't have to be a total video-game nerd to appreciate how awesome and clever this is. This is the perfect example of how technology and a whole lot of time can bring something 'virtual' into the 'real' world... 
A team from Waterloo Labs answered a million prayers and became heroes of many when they created a fully-functional Mario Kart track... 
-Check it out in action below:
Users race around the track in real go-karts, except these ones are tricked out with ruggedized micro-processors, pressure systems (to shoot shells at people), and servo motors. The servo motors work just like any electric motor would, except they come with a potentiometer. 
This means that, coupled with the microprocessor, the go-kart knows when it runs over a banana peel or collects a star, and reacts accordingly (either swiveling off the road in the case of the former, or going a bit faster in the case of the latter). 

via techcrunch

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