Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Functional Record Made of Ice... (video)

What is the perfect method of sending a 'secret' message to someone that would automatically destroy itself for EVER...?? By recording it on a record made entirely of Ice.... that's FROZEN WATER, SON...!!! 

The video below is of the Ice Record created specifically for the Shot Out Loud's new single 'Blue Ice'... and despite the fact that the music is recorded on frozen water, the sound isn't that bad. 
-check it out below: 
"One of the biggest challenges was that the bubbles made the ice cloudy and messed up the tine tracks, which made the needle jump." Further trial and error revealed that using distilled water did the trick, giving the final product a nice clarity and even surface. Another insight? Time is not, in fact, on your side when working with frozen substance; functionality and sound quality diminish immediately once themelting starts. A silicone cast allowed for quick and easy record removal, essential to to ensuring it could be used straight out of the freezer. 

via io9

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