Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yoko Ono Designs Men's Clothing (5pics)

Check out these designs by Yoko Ono for a line of men's clothing... seriously. 
The design collection was given to her late husband John Lennon as a wedding gift. The book of illustrations is called Fashion for Men
-Check out more designs below: 
Inspired in Ono’s words by Lennon’s “sexy bod,” the pieces ranged from a loincloth embroidered with eyes and a nose, to a pair of pants with a lion’s tale. Her hand-written directions for the lion pants read “just pants, wear perfume on top. Also, dog lead optional and gloves.”

via fastcodesign


Alyssa William said...

Lol, what are those hand prints doing there, these trousers are hilarious.

Denzy oliver said...

Something different designs... good one!! Formal blazers for men

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