Friday, December 28, 2012

Remember the Nintendo Gameboy Camera...?? (video)

The digital camera is nothing new... and it is most often taken for granted when we carry them in our pockets and/or have them on our mobile phones when we take precious photos of our apple pie or our cat wearing glasses. 
That is why Nintendo's Gameboy Camera and Pocket Printer accessory that were released in 1998 are nothing short of awesome...  
-learn more and watch a video demo of it in action below: 

Nintendo's portable camera was also available in a variety of colors and according to the Guinness Book of Records in 1999, the Gameboy Camera was the world's 'smallest' digital camera... 
The Game Boy Camera, released as Pocket Camera in Japan, is an official Nintendo accessory for the handheld Game Boy and Super Game Boy gaming consoles and was released in 1998. The Camera can take 256x224 (down scaled to half resolution on the unit with anti-aliasing), back & white digital images using the 4-color palette of the Game Boy system. The focal length is ~ 50 mm. It interfaced with the Game Boy Printer, which utilized thermal paper to print any saved images, making a hardcopy.

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