Monday, December 17, 2012

Relax... The World Will Not End This Friday, and here's why.

According to the rumors at the office water-cooler, the world will end in a fiery inferno this Friday (12-21-12)... but in all reality, the world will keep on sipinnin' and we will all be going to work. 
-sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(
Below is the breakdown and 'actual' translation of the Mayan inscriptions... check 'em out: 

::  UPDATE  ::
'Why the World Didn't End Yesterday'

The most important thing to realize is that the Mayans NEVER predicted the end-of-the-world at all. Their calendar and inscriptions were incorrectly interpreted by 'western' spiritual thinking (*ahem Christianity) and in turn, the fearful and paranoid are stocking up their renovated Y2K Bunker
Rest assured, the famous Mayan Calendar is interesting indeed, but has no archaeological basis or evidence of an upcoming 2012 apocalypse... and here is why: 

Many point to the Tortuguero Monument Six, an ancient Mayan carving in modern-day Tabasco, Mexico, as the source for the 2012 prophecies. What do scientists know about it and what does it say? 
Tortuguero Monument Six is a monument that was carved during the late classic period, which is approximately 600 to 800 A.D. The monument has probably around 80 glyphs – 80 different phrases or words or sentences on the monument. It’s quite a long inscription. The very final eight glyphs of the monument are the only ones that deal with the future date, 2012, in any real way. Those particular glyphs say that this date, which happens to be a date in the Maya long count, 130,000, will happen. And on that day, this particular deity will descend. 
This particular deity is a very interesting deity, because he’s the patron deity of something called “period endings.” Period endings are long cycles of time that end. The Maya have a katun, which is 20 years. It’s kind of like our decade. And they have 400-year periods, one of which is ending on December 21, 2012. And this patron deity is going to descend because he is the patron deity that’s going to oversee all the ceremonies that happen on this particular day. That is all the Maya say about 2012, on December 21st. 
Nowhere did the Maya say, at any point in time, that the world will end. They don’t even say that their calendar will end and it is going to restart. The Maya, in many inscriptions, such as from the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, talk about dates far into the future. They have a date that is at 4772 A.D., more than twice as far ahead of us as 2012 is from our year one. The Maya really didn’t concern themselves with this date nearly as much as we do now in the 21st century. 

....Who knows, perhaps the inscriptions interpret not the End-of-the-World but perhaps the return of their Space Brothers descent. Maybe this friday we will be visited by a fleet of UFOs.... 

Either way, don't use this as an excuse to NOT shop for the holidays :) 

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