Saturday, December 15, 2012

Man Sells His Surname for $45,000 (video)

....Looking for some extra spending cash this holiday season?? 
Why not do what Jason did and sell your surname to the highest bidder...?? 
Yup that's right, Florida native and entrepreneur, Jason Sadler sold his last name and legally changed it to Jason seriously. 
-Watch the video below: 

Jason held the bidding on his website that ended on December 13th with the winning bidder, to pay $45,000.
"I just saw an opportunity -- my mom is going through a divorce and I don't need this last name anymore," explained 30-year old entrepreneur Jason Sadler, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. "I thought 'How am I going to find a new last name?' well 'Why not just sell it?'"
"The reason I say that is that I don't want this last name anymore. The name Sadler doesn't mean anything to me anymore. And for me I want to work with a brand. I live in this kind of online marketing world and I'm very passionate about it. If I said I'll take any casino or pornography site -- that would be selling out."

via cnn

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