Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hmmmm... NASA's New Spacesuit Looks Familiar. (5pics)

Looks like NASA's new Z-1 prototype spacesuit, borrows the dome-helmet, black waistband and neon-green details from the popular spaceman... Buzz Lightyear
Check out more photos and what this new spacesuit has to offer below: 

Designed and developed under the AES suit project, the Z-1 is another step further in the goal of a new 'vacuum-capatible' suit by the year 2015. According to Amy Ross, lead of the Space Suit Assembly Technology Development team, there hasn't been a new flight system built since the EMU (Extravehicular Mobility Unit) back in 1992...
The 'Z-1 Prototype Spacesuit and Portable Life Support System (PLSS) 2.0', to give it its full title, will hopefully be ready in the next couple of years.
The main advance in Nasa's rather more primitive effort is that it will have an entry point at the rear to make it easier to don than previous suits. Astronauts will be able to climb into it as quickly as you see in films, and not take an hour as they do now. The new suit will also effectively be its own airlock, dispensing with the need to spend time getting the pressure right. 
On the rear will be a giant backpack which doubles as a hatch that can latch onto another space ship or Rover-like vehicle. There is therefore no need for ‘Prebreathing’ which involves using oxygen to make sure the suit is the same pressure as the ship, and can take up to an hour. There will be better bearings on the legs, ankles, hips and waist to help astronauts move more naturally whilst a urethane-coated nylon and polyester layers control the pressure more efficiently.

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