Tuesday, November 13, 2012

World's Thinnest House... 4-Feet Wide (10pics)

Measuring at only 4-feet across, this home wedged between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland is by far the thinnest home in the world... Proud owner Jakub Szczęsny found the challenge of squeezing in bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom all within 150-sq ft. 
-check out more photos of the house known as the Keret House below: 
“It’s a rather ‘minimal existence unit,’ but I’ve done my best to fight for centimeters in table, seating, kitchenette, and corridor widths,” Szczęsny tells Co.Design. “For sure some people might feel claustrophobic, but there’s actually a lot of vertical space.” 
Whereas white walls can be the hallmark of an undecorated home, Szczęsny purposefully “maximized” the whiteness to enlarge the space, making each wall glow through a semi-translucent polycarbonate roof and facade. And he’s not lying about the vertical space. The Keret House may be just 4 feet wide, but it’s also 33 feet deep and the ceilings reach 30 feet high at their peak. 

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