Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Want List: Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Car... (6pics&video)

Yeah.... that's cool. Too bad it's just a concept and doesn't really exist.... 
Designed by 21-year old Yuhan Zhang, the Volkswagon Aqua looks super-chic on land as well as water. 
-Check out more design renderings and video below: 

...the Volkswagen Aqua is an all-terrain hovercraft, can easily maneuver on lakes, rivers and coastal waters, to the roads, wetlands and snow and ice alikem, with four little electric motorized fans that provide lift and trust along with a hydrogen cell powered engine.

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transporter said...

It's also a terrible design for a car that only looks good on paper. The "door" is the tiny hatch on the back. Before it can ever be produced it would have to go undergo a massive design change. Basically, it's one of those things you put on paper and then scrap when you get to the actual design and testing stages. The fans don't look like they would be powerful enough to give the vehicle any decent speeds. In short, it looks nice and that's about it.
thanks for sharing. @Willium

Christopher Steven said...

I've heard that while Volkswagens have great engines that'll run forever, little things will go wrong. VW parts are so expensive that I wouldn't take the chance with my money.

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