Monday, November 5, 2012

VERY Modern Black/White House in Azores, Portugal (15pics)

Thought it was due time for an architectural post... (it's been awhile). 
Check out this ultra modern Black and White home designed by N2X Aarquitectos in Azores, Portugal. The home was built on top of land that was home to weathered ruins. 
-Check out more photos of the home as well as interior shots below: 
The project’s idea is to “fill” the physical emptiness existing in these ruins by constructing two related modules that overlap each other and are similar to one another material-wise, but that differ in their limits, making evident the construction principle based on the loose and mismatched stone of the ruins and its surrounding walls. Maintenance of the ruins’ external walls allowed for keeping its identity and the locals’ memory as well as to stress the present and evolution of concepts and languages prone to the human experience. The high limits of the ruins upon which the stone and blackness of the exterior panels of the house were set limit the simple and functional white interior that radiates light and brings life into its interior.
[Photos and information provided by N2X Aarquitectos] 

via freshhome 

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