Monday, November 19, 2012

iRobot RP-VITA the Newest in Telepresence Medical Robots (video)

iRobot recently unveiled their latest robot in their product line-up... RP-VITA, a teleconferencing robot. With numerous features and unlimited possibilities, iRobot currently has co-branded RP-VITA with InTouch Health by allowing doctors to tend to their patients while they are away... 
-check out the demo video of the robot in action below: 

An iRobot employee took RP-VITA for a spin around InTouch's Southern California mock hospital location, courtesy of an iPad at the robotics company's Bedford, MA location. 
The interface appears to be quite user-friendly -- just touch a location and RP-VITA starts driving, using its sensors to avoid obstacles along the way as a video feed show you where you're going. Once you reach a patient, you can tap on their image to interact with them (in the case of the dummies in the demo, however, that was easier said than done, of course). Along the bottom, the app offers the doctor large, easy-to-read vitals.

via engadget

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