Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple is that you? The New Microsoft Retail Stores (7pics)

Along with the launch of Microsoft Surface and Windows 8, Microsoft also brings us the new Microsoft Retail Stores... the move into the retail business is a smart move for the Redmond company, but does the visual look set it apart from the *ahem competition...?? 
-check out more photos of the stores below: 

I for one agree that having a retail store that sells exclusively your own product is a smart move. Being surrounded by the company's brand, the product line, knowledgable staff and overall brand awareness in the neighborhood (to name a few) are reasons enough for this smart decision... after all, it worked really for Apple

It's understandable and expected to get influence, reference and inspiration from the competition, but do the new Microsoft stores really set them apart in their own class and showcase their own unique retail environment or are they totally and completely 'copying' Apple's retail strategy and details down to the contemporary/modern interior, large glass panels and neck ID badges ....?? 
This reminds me of the launch of the Samsung Retail Stores... (see link

-What are your thoughts?

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