Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Would You Go To The 'Blackout Haunted House'...? (2videos)

It's that time of year again where we carve pumpkins and try to scare the $#!T out of ourselves with the good 'ol haunted house... I'm sure we've all heard about or gone to some pretty scary ones in our time.... and some pretty lame as well. 
If your up for a good scare and in the neighborhood, check out Blackout Haunted House
The yearly event has two locations, in NYC and LA. 
...watch the video teasers below: 
Probably one of the most  interesting concepts about the Blackout Haunted House that sets it apart from the traditional haunted house are the rules:  You must first sign a waiver upon entering, be over 18-years old and must walk through ALONE... and to top it off, they give you a protective mask, a flashlight and a 'safe' word to scream if you are too scared to finish.

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