Thursday, October 25, 2012

What if...? Gadgets with Guts (9pics)

Everyone relax, someone finally did it... 
Dutch artist Mads Peitersen did the unthinkable and created the following illustrations depicting your everyday gadgets with their 'guts' exposed. With the close connection we have with our electronics, it's interesting to see that they are more human-like on the inside too...! 
-check out 9 more examples below: 

The idea is that these gadgets are becoming so advanced and cool today that we almost treat them as if they were alive. In a way users become attached to them:) After you have had your iPhone or your Xbox 360 for a while you slowly begin to see yourself as connected to these brands or gadgets. They almost become an extension of yourself or your hands. It is the feeling that we connect and attach to these machines individually. The metaphor is that a really rather simple and very dead gadget gives people a feeling of being more present, more alive. And they relate in larger degree with these gadgets almost on a par with a pet or a friend!

via geekologie

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