Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad (video demo)

At last...!!!
Pogo has released a stylus for the iPad that is pressure sensitive... called the Pogo Connect. A prefect solution for anyone that seeks out the wide range and natural movements of writing and drawing with a pen. 
Check out the video demo of it in action below: 
The Pogo Connect is said to be amazingly accurate with what Ten One calls a Crescendo Sensor with up to 'months' of continuous use on one standard AAA battery.

Pogo Connect is a bluetooth pen that allows you to draw with different line widths on an iPad. It works with many drawing and note-taking apps. It’s also great for handwriting because the iPad can ignore your palm and wrist. 
  • It’s amazingly sensitive, with 0 grams of activation force.
  • It works at all angles.
  • It requires no calibration.
  • It provides hundreds of levels of pressure.
  • Best of all? No moving parts, making it incredibly reliable. 

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