Monday, October 29, 2012

Pitzo: A Hubless Pizza Cutter... (pics&video)


Lookin' for a new toy in the kitchen that not only adds comfort to a common task, but also is a guaranteed conversational piece at parties...? 
Well then, the Pitzo Pizza Cutter may be for you. Check out photos and a video below: 

Thanks to the innovative, patent construction with a rounded, free-running blade, the pizza wheel glides quickly through the fresh pizza, without causing the topping[s] to displace. The stable, stainless steel blade is sharpened on both sides and assures exact and effortless work. The pizza wheel can be easily dismantled for cleaning. The Pitzo Pizza Cutter was conceived in 2009 by Jessica Moreland, an industrial designer working at Trident Design, LLC, a product design and invention development lab... While on a scouting trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond with Chris Hawker, president of Trident, it was noted that the pizza cutter was a product that could use some fresh eyes. 

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Robert Thorne said...

Let me just say that the cutter looks almost exactly like a chakram. Well, as long as it doesn't ruin the effort to combine all those toppings and seasoning into one great pizza, then I guess it would be a welcome addition to the kitchen.

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