Monday, October 22, 2012

Dr. Dre's Beats BlueTooth Portable Speaker (5pics)

If you have ears, love music and have any sense of design-style.... I'm sure you've heard of the popular headphones Beats by Dre.... by of course: Dr. Dre
The Doc now has his eye on on the portable speaker market and will soon be releasing his latest product called The Pill

Set for a holiday release, The Pill is already up against long time big-hitters such as Bose and Jawbone...  and with a price of $199, The Pill may be what the doctor ordered. 
The Pill helps fill a product category that falls between Beats' ever-growing line of headphones and its portable Beatbox systems ($400, "We really saw demand for a hyper-portable small-footprint speaker (with) quality sound," says Beats' President and COO Luke Wood. Weighing in at less than 0.75 pounds, the Pill can be synced to Bluetooth smartphones and devices and connect to computers and other devices via an auxiliary cable. A built-in microphone lets you use the Pill for answering phone calls and conducting teleconferences. 

"Once you listen to it, it becomes that perfect emotional travel partner for sound," Wood says, "for music, watching a movie, gaming, you name it."

via usatoday

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