Saturday, September 29, 2012

WOW... Curiosity Discovers a Martian River...! (4pics&video)


Curiosity made an incredible discovery. Hard tangible evidence of an ancient riverbed and that once upon a time, Mars had flowing rivers. 
Check out detailed Photos and Video explanation below: 
The riverbed has been named by the NASA science team, 'Hottah' after Hottah Lake in Canada's Northwest Territories. Less than a month into Curiosity's mission the discovery is clear.... Gravel / River Stones..!!
...the main evidence suggesting that this is a riverbed is... gravel. NASA scientists have been studying images of the stones cemented into the rock, and their size and shape points to the fact that this used to be a fast-flowing stream. The pieces of gravel are particularly round, which suggests that they've been transported long distances by water; at up to a couple of inches in size, they're definitely too big to have been moved by wind. William Dietrich of the University of California, Berkeley, "From the size of gravels it carried, we can interpret the water was moving about 3 feet per second, with a depth somewhere between ankle and hip deep... This is the first time we're actually seeing water-transported gravel on Mars. This is a transition from speculation about the size of streambed material to direct observation of it."  

Notice the 'Smooth River Stones' 
Mars on the Left   ::   Earth on the Right

via gizmodo nasa

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