Tuesday, September 18, 2012

USA Today's New Logo Brand: What are your thoughts?? (10pics&video)

USA Today has always been one of the nation's top go-to newspapers covering everything from breaking news, politics, sports, entertainment... and much more
30-years later, to compliment the fast-paced culture of the internet generation.... it is time rethink their image and to introduce a new brand identity. 
-check out a video intro of the new brand below along with 10 extra pics: 
“I believe our balls are symbols of who we are and where we’re headed,” wrote USA Today designer Sam Ward in a memo about the new logo titled "Cool Balls" that was sent to USA Today employees. “They are not stories, graphics, or illustrations. They are signposts, perhaps; reminders that offer inroads into America’s stream of consciousness.” 

::  Front Page from August 27th, 2012  ::

via fastcodesign poynter

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