Monday, September 17, 2012

Unique & Beautiful College Dorms (16pics)

With about a month into the new school year... it is about time to check out the coolest and most beautiful college dorms in the world. 
-check out 8 examples below!

Living in a fun & unique environment makes sense after all... How can you stimulate a healthy active mind at school when it rests within  a traditional 'cinder block' dorm at night...?
-Below is a list put together by flavorwire:  

Cit̩ a Docks by Cattani Architects РLe Havre, France
Built from old shipping containers, the modern, light-filled rehab residences come with their own bathroom and kitchen. The design is raised off the ground, making room for bikes, gardens, and shaded places to hang out.

The Campagneplein Dormitory at University Twente by Arons & Gelauff Architects – Enschede, The Netherlands
One side of this nine-story dorm features the second highest climbing wall in The Netherlands.

Simmons Hall at MIT by Steven Holl – Cambridge, Massachusetts
As architect Steven Holl described, “MIT’s desire for the undergraduate dormitory to encourage interaction and mingling among students was the driving force behind Simmons Hall becoming a ‘slice of a city.’” The 195,000 square foot project is not only a dormitory with 350 residences, but also contains a 125-seat theater, a night cafe, and street level dining.

Student Housing by Bevk Perovic – Poljane, Slovenia
This student housing is right at the edge of a bustling city so the architects designed folding aluminum panels to block out unwanted noise, providing a pretty solution to privacy.

Willow Street Residence Hall at Tulane University by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects – New Orleans, Louisiana
Taking cues from New Orleans’ history and vernacular, the dorms are a lovely expression of all things Southern.

‘Smarties’ at Utrecht University by Marlies Rohmer – Utrecht, The Netherlands
Featuring giant swings and built-in loungers, this pretty pixelated, high density residence was designed to alleviate the housing shortage for young adults in Utrecht.

Tietgen Dormitory by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects – Copenhagen, Denmark
The circular building is meant to be a symbol of equality and community. There are two music rooms — one with a piano, and one with a drum set. There’s a gym and outdoor areas for basketball and table tennis. Perhaps the most fun part of all are the large communal kitchens stocked with Scandinavian tableware and all manner of cooking utensils and equipment.

Taliesin Shelters at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture – Scottsdale, Arizona
A writer for The New York Times called the student-designed and built structures at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture perhaps “the hippest dormitory in the world.” The “shelters” dot the natural landscape surrounding the campuses, and are offered to students as options for living while attending school. 

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