Monday, September 10, 2012

The DrinKlip: A Portable Cup Holder (3pics)

The Drinklip extends your workspace by clipping on a portable drink holder... Not only will it free your desk with much needed space, it will keep the area a spill-free work zone...!! 
Check out more below: 

Extend your desk and avoid spills by putting your beverage in the Drinklip Portable Cupholder. It clips securely to any desk, table or shelf and will hold your travel mug, glass or water bottle within arm's reach. There's even a slit at the bottom for condensation to drip through, hitting the floor rather than moistening your desktop. The Drinklip also doubles as a tiny item holder, perfect for storing nails and screws while going DIY, beads and safety pins while crafting, or even your dice while you're playing a game.
The Drinklip is available in a variety of colors and can be purchased at this link for $7.00....

via thinkgeek

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