Friday, September 28, 2012

Sneak-Peak: Is This Yahoo's New Home Page...?

Yahoo is rumored to be giving their Home Page a make-over soon... Below is what is said to be a 'mock-up' of the upcoming Home Page design. 
hhhhmmmm.... doesn't it look familiar?? What are your thoughts?? 

-check it out below: 
The new design layout is uncanny to the Google home page. This isn't too surprising since the new president of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer use to be an executive at Google
Yes, the new home page looks a lot like the home page of Google, Mayer’s former employer. In fact Mayer, who was Google employee number 20, oversaw the famous clean, plain white search home page at Google. Mayer has been borrowing many ideas from her years at Google including a focus on product and data, free food in the cafeteria, and weekly “FYI” meetings like Google’s “TGIF” meetings. She is also approving all company hires, just like the Google co-founders. 
Mock-Up of the new design:  Simple and Clean

Below is Google's home page.... see the similarities?

Yahoo's current Home Page layout

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