Monday, September 10, 2012

Introducing The New Amazon Kindle Tablets

Last week Amazon introduced products in their new Tablet lineup with their Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle PaperwhiteCheck 'em out below:  

The Kindle Fire HD
The Fire HD is a little sleeker and a little rounder-a nice change from the overly boxy first Kinde Fier. The large version of the HD has an 8.9-inch screen, to go along with the 7-inched. It's Kinde Fire HD 7-inch is $200 and ships September 14. The large one is $300 and ships November 20. Oh, and the coup d'etat? The Kindle Fire HD 4G, LTE and 32GB storage for $500. And the data plan for the LTE is just $50 a year (WOW!!) It also ships November 20th... Read more.
The Kindle Paperwhite
Here's Amazon's new E-Ink Kindle. It's $119 and ships October 1st. The Paperwhite is a frontlit reader, it's also got a new display-based on E-Ink's XGA display-that bumps its PPI to 212, up from 169. That's a huge increase, and should be obvious from even a quick glance at the reader. The 3G version is $179 and also goes out October 1st. It's also got capitative touch, instead of the infrared (IR) touch that every other touch reader had used until now. That will make it loads more accurate, but also thinner. Read more. 

 via gizmodo

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