Friday, September 28, 2012

Facebook Gifts: FB to take on Amazon...??

The heart and soul of Facebook is the social networking experience and being able to easily stay in touch, reconnect and discover new friends... so why not add the ability to buy your friends gifts. Facebook introduces: Facebook Gifts 

The new Facebook Gifts product takes advantage of Facebook’s expansive social graph to solve a major problem with gift giving: not knowing the shipping address of the recipient. By popping the recipient with a notification asking them to choose an existing stored address or add a new one right when the gift is bought, there’s no guess work on the part of the sender. Plus, by making the gift-receiving process social, each purchase becomes a highly visible endorsement of a product. In the end, that could convince them and others that working with Facebook Gifts is a gateway to both direct and indirect revenue, and give Facebook a bigger cut. 
The new Facebook Gifts may be a convenient way to shop compared to other online retailers. Shopping, sending and receiving is not only made easier, but the visibility of the sellers merchandise has a higher exposure rate and has a chance to go viral... having both parties benefiting from the shopping experience.

Facebook Gifts is not yet available, but 'Coming Soon' 
Learn more about it at this link!

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