Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Incredible 'Cave' Homes.... (5pics)

Sometimes the average everyday home just isn't enough for the modern dweller... 
Perhaps these 5 incredible 'Cave' homes are more of your taste. Amazing :) 

This striking stone house is located in Nas montanhas de Fafe in Portugal and looks like a remnant from the fictional town of Bedrock. It’s actually a holiday home set in the countryside. Not much is known about the spherical boulder on a lush hill, but we adore its mini cave construction, because it reminds us of the Flintstones.
Modern Sandstone Cave Home
One family built their dream home inside of a 15,000-square foot sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. The location was previously used as a roller-skating rink and concert venue that hosted the likes of Tina Turner and Ted Nugent. (The Nuge as a caveman? Shocking!) Unfinished stone walls, geothermal heat, and energy-efficient touches give this home a green thumbs up. How did the family avoid living in a sandy mess? They created interior roofs over areas of the three-chamber house.
 Cozy Cave Lodge
The secluded Beckham Creek Cave Lodge sits on a 280-acre estate in the Ozark countryside. Preserving the natural beauty of the peaceful landscape was paramount for the owners who maintained the lodge’s open living plan to invite natural sunlight and scenery into the cozy abode.
 Red Rock Cave Home
Someone’s living large in Utah where the Cave Palace Ranch sits on 100 acres of land, nestled in a majestic red rock cave. Four alcoves house a master bedroom with deck, a living room and dining room, two additional bedrooms, and a sleeping loft. Solar panels provide power and an underground well supplies fresh water. The window-filled fa├žade betrays the home’s cave structure with an abundance of natural light.
Cottage Cave
The Rock Cottage consists of three adjoining caves and was built in the 1770s. It has doors, windows, and all the normal home fixtures — apart from electricity and running water, that is. The rocky home embedded in a sandstone cliff is located on five acres of woodlands and gardens in Wolverley, Worcestershire, England.

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