Friday, August 17, 2012

The Magic of Marco Tempest... Incredible! (video)

CONGRATS... You made it to Friday!! 
Your reward are these two magic tricks by the talented Marco Tempest
If your not familiar with the magic of the virtual/tech magician Marco Tempest, then you definitely have to treat yourself to some well deserved procrastination from your busy work schedule and check out the two videos below... enjoy! 

The first video below is a clever virtual magic trick using nothing but three iPods. 
The second video from TedTalks that tells a story of Nikola Tesla using only the combination of a projection mapping technology and a pop-up book... 

Marco Tempest is best known as a magician/performance artist who combines video, computer graphics and other technology of the moment with the ideas and technology of magic. His television series "The Virtual Magician" has aired in some 49 markets worldwide.

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